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Mr Johnsons Supreme Rabbit
Mr Johnson's Rabbit
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A fibrous, nutritious, wholesome blend of steamed flaked peas, cereals, pellets, extrusions and herbs.

Guinea Pig
Mr Johnson's Guinea Pig

A fibrous, nutritious and wholesome blend of steam flaked peas, cereals, grass, alfalfa, pellets and extrusions.

Mr Johnson's Hamster & Gerbil

A fibrous, nutritious and wholesome blend of cereals, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, mealworms, pellets and extrusions.

Mr Johnson's Chinchilla & Degu

A nutritious and wholesome pellet made from wheats, oats, extracted sunflower, barley, soya and x herb blend.

Rat and Mouse
Mr Johnson's Rat & Mouse

A fibrous, nutritious and wholesome blend of cereals, grains, vegetables, seeds, mealworms and extrusions.

Advanced Rabbit
Advanced Rabbit

A fibrous, nutritious, wholesome tasty nugget that prevents selective feeding. 

Advanced Guinea Pig
Advanced Guinea Pig

This nutritious & wholesome tasty nugget supplies guinea pigs with a fibrous food that prevents selective feeding.

Excel Rabbit
Excel Rabbit
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A delicious food for adult rabbits that is high in fibre and rich in nutrients.

Excel Guinea Pig
Excel Guinea Pig

A delicious food for guinea pigs that is high in fibre, Vitamin C and rich in nutrients.

Rabbit Royale
Chudleys Rabbit Royale

A dandelion based muesli for adult rabbits. Sold loose or in 15kg bags.

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